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RD&E Strategic Plan

RD&E Strategic Five-year plan

The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) strategic plan is now undertaken by the Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA).

GWRDC Five-year RD&E plan 2012-17

Our five-year plan was developed following consultation with our stakeholders and took into account:

  • The Australian Government’s Rural Research and Development Priorities
  • The National Primary Industries RD&E Framework – Wine Sector Strategy
  • The National Strategic Rural Research and Development Plan.

Input was sought from the following stakeholder groups:

  • Primary stakeholder group: Wine Grape Growers Australia (WGGA) and the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) (the representative organisations of our levy payers) and the Australia Government, which provides matching funding. Individual grapegrowers and winemakers were also invited to contribute through online feedback.
  • Regional stakeholder group: GWRDC Regional Program representatives and the GWRDC Innovators’ Network members.
  • Future Leaders stakeholder group: Graduates of the Future Leaders Program and the Australian Rural Leadership Program
  • Wine sector RD&E stakeholder group: Co-investors in wine RD&E will be able to contribute through the National Wine Research, Development and Extension Coordination Forum. Research and extension providers will also be able to contribute through the National Wine Research Network and the National Wine Extension and Innovation Network. One avenue will be through online feedback
  • Global focus stakeholder group: Contributions from people who engage in and observe the global wine sector will be sought through a small, focused group that is able to provide a global overview for R&D, production, consumption, innovation, bio-security and future trends.

A discussion document, Developing the new GWRDC Five-year Research and Development Plan 2012-17, and a statistical overview of the sector were prepared.