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For our funded projects we require the submission of regular progress reports along with a final report and an end of project financial statement at the conclusion of the project.

Progress reporting

Research projects are assessed against agreed targets at least twice a year (February and August) via a progress report. We may request a progress report at any time during the course of a project.

All projects must submit their progress report online via our Clarity Investment Management System.

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Final report

A final report is required at the conclusion of a project. The final report must be written in plain English, summarise the research outputs and outcomes and meet the final report guidelines. We may withhold up to 15% of the total project funding pending receipt and approval of the final report.

Final report guidelines

Final report front cover template

End-of-project financial statement

An end-of-project financial statement is required at the conclusion of a project. All projects must submit their statement online via our Clarity Investment Management System.

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PhD, Masters and Honours scholarship reporting

Research organisations are required to submit annual academic progress reports and financial statements, along with a research thesis and financial statement at the conclusion of the research scholarship.

Progress reporting

An academic progress report is required annually for research scholarships that we fund exceeding one year. This is simply a copy of the supervisor’s assessment of the student over the year.

Financial statements

A statement of all receipts and payments of our funds covering the year ended 30 June, is required as soon as possible after 30 June each year (no later than 30 September) for PhD and Honours scholarships funded by us.  In the final year, the statement shall be made up to, and provided within three months of the completion date. The form used for this statement is the PhD and Honours research scholarship financial statement.

PhD and Honours research scholarship financial statement

Research thesis

At the conclusion of each research scholarship, the research organisation is required to provide us with a copy of the research thesis or final research paper and an electronic copy of an executive summary in relation to the performance of the educational research, within 30 days of the thesis or paper being placed in the research organisation’s library or otherwise being made publicly available. We may withhold the final instalment of the scholarship funds until the research organisation has notified us that the recipient has submitted for assessment a thesis or final research paper, or will do so within a reasonable time.

Travel bursaries

Within one month of the completion of travel, a final report, including an executive summary, an abstract and an End of Project Financial Statement, is required to be submitted to us.

Final report cover page

End of Project Financial Statement