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R&D@Work – June 2014

  • Date: 2014-06-25

Research Fellow Dr Justin Cohen has had a journey inspired by great food and wine experiences.

R&D@Work – April 2014

  • Date: 2014-06-25

What do Bengal tigers, lambs, pheromones and wine have in common? The answer:  AWRI Research Scientist Marlize Viviers

R&D@Work – February 2014

  • Date: 2014-05-05

Dr Kerry Wilkinson’s students are aged from 5 to 30-plus, and her lessons range from how far you can spit grape juice to the effect of bushfire
smoke on grapevine physiology and wine composition.

R&D@Work – December 2013

  • Date: 2013-12-20

University of Queensland senior research scientist Chris O’Donnell flew south last month to begin field trials for spray research that has widespread potential for Australia’s wine industry.

R&D@Work – October 2013

  • Date: 2013-10-23

Collaboration and industry engagement are the formula for AWRI senior scientist Tracey Siebert’s career success – and satisfaction.

R&D@Work – August 2013

  • Date: 2013-10-15

CSIRO Plant Industry Scientist current project list reflects broad appetite for plant science.

R&D@Work – February 2013

  • Date: 2013-03-07

Nuffield Scholar scours the globe for agricultural best practice to use on home soil

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